CL-12 Feature Comparison

FEATURE 688 664 633
Description 12 input, 16-track mixer/recorder
with MixAssist™ and optional SL-6
Powering and Wireless System
12 input, 16-track mixer/recorder 6 input, 10-track mixer/recorder
Number of linear faders 12 12 6
DC Boost power connection

Note: The micro USB power cord is not included with the CL-12.

Optional Required Required
3-band semi-parametric equalizer
MixAssist metering & control
SuperSlot control
COMs 1 & 2 1
Returns A,B,C A,B,C A
Slate + Tone (via user programmable buttons)
SL-6 routing (via user programmable buttons)
LR, X1, X2 track level control & metering
LR, X1, X2 output level control & metering
7-segment PFL metering + limiter activity
Channel On/Off
Headphone level & preset
HPF control 7-12 only
Input phase control ch 2, 4, 6 only ch 2 only
Input PFL & SEL control
Input routing to LR, X1 & X2
Menu control
Metadata control
Track arming & naming
Transport control
Wingman via iOS Devices ✓ (WM-Connect required) ✓ (WM-Connect required) ✓ (WM-Connect required)
USB peripherals (light & keyboard)
User programmable buttons

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