Sound Devices made its debut at SXSW this year, and we had an absolute blast demoing the new MixPre-10M for musicians! Check out some of the highlights from our first visit to Austin, TX!

Visitors to the Sound Devices' SXSW Booth

Photos from Sound Devices' Stay at SXSW 2018
(Pictured: Top left going clockwise) Milwaukee-based folk band Dead Horses, Philly-bred vintage indie-folk-rock band Mt. Joy, two-piece UK Electro-Psych band Sonars, Maryland-based soul artist and producer Mannywellz, and a couple enthusiastic music students.


Soul artist and producer, Mannywellz and his talented band visited Sound Devices at SXSW 2018. Take a listen to the quality of the tune Manny & his band created in a matter of mins on the noisy show floor!

Mt. Joy

The popular Philly-bred indie-folk-rock band, Mt. Joy stopped by to check out the MixPre-10M. Michael and Jackie also recorded a quick tune, so give it a listen!

Mt. Joy at SXSW 2018


Artist, DJ, soul singer, director, TiKA, stopped by the Sound Devices booth at SXSW 2018 to test out the MixPre-10M. Listen to the inspiring track she recorded in a matter of mins.

TiKA at SXSW 2018


YouTuber, podcaster, and fellow Wisconsinite Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine stopped by the booth to interview Paul on the MixPre-10M. Jeffrey also recorded a song, which he posted on his channel. Check it out!

Thanks all who visited the Sound Devices booth this year, and we look forward to attending SXSW in 2019!