The MixPre-10M is the latest product in our popular MixPre Series — designed by musicians for musicians. Check out a few of the initial "first look" articles that have come in!


Jeremy Blake - Red Means Recording

"Now that I have the MixPre-10M...I can do overdubs and jamming with my DAWless jamming setup hardware, which is the real way to make music. Not computers.... It's pretty damn cool! DAWless Jamming!"


Ryan Bruce - Riffs, Beards & Gear

"It has three built-in reverbs, a metronome, and the ability to record, listen back, and bounce-down, which also means that you can punch-in at different spots as well, which is really awesome, because it's not even a DAW. It's an awesome piece of hardware that you can do 'DAW-y' things with."


Sound on Sound

"...the MixPre-10M provides the fast, intuitive, and inspiring recording approach of a 1970s multitrack studio combined with the benefits and convenience of non-destructive DAW editing, while avoiding all the complexities and distractions of a computer DAW – and all in a compact unit... I think this is a really attractive balance of traditional and modern."

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Music Radar

"The MixPre10-M is reliable, flexible, intuitive and sonically very transparent, and at 20cm square, it shows you don’t need a massive box for premium quality multitrack recording and interfacing..."

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All Things Gear

"There aren’t that many products out there that can function as both standalone recorders and audio interfaces, and feature eight mic preamps — and are relatively portable. Because of that, we think that the MixPre-10M is well worth the money."

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New Atlas

"When musical inspiration hits, Sound Devices has you covered. The MixPre-10M portable studio features all the essentials you'll find in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) suite."

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Cary Judd - Learn Light and Sound

"This is the one thing at NAB that I'm like 'Woah, I can do so much'... this is the one piece of gear that's going to ignite creativity."