Since its release, Sound Devices has received a wide range of questions about the CL-WiFi control software for the 788T. Below are a few of most common ones.

I downloaded the free CL-WiFi app onto my iPhone4 and updated my 788T to 2.14. How do I get the app to connect to my 788T?

The hardware accessory, CL-WIFI, is required to be connected to the 788T/788T-SSD. The CL-WIFI hardware is a WiFi access point for the 788T. This is a purchased accessory available through Sound Devices resellers.

How is the CL-WIFI hardware powered?

The CL-WIFI hardware is powered by the 788T over the C.Link port. This is the same RJ-type connection that powers the CL-1 and CL-2 accessories. The CL-WIFI draws very little power from the recorder for its operation.

Does the CL-WIFI and the app operate with my 744T?

No. The CL-WIFI hardware and iOS app are dedicated to the 788T/788T-SSD recorders.

Can I run an app on my notebook computer and connect to the 788T via the CL-WIFI?

The CL-WIFI presently operates exclusively with Apple iOS devices running iOS version 4+. This includes the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Sound Devices’ Mac OS and Windows software application, Wave Agent, connects to the 788T over USB and provides metering, machine control, and metadata editing when in “Control Mode”.

Android? Blackberry? Symbian? MeeGo? WebOS, Windows Phone? Windows Mobile?

We understand the rapid growth of the other portable environments and are evaluating them.

Can I access the web/email while running the CL-WiFi controller app?

No. When the iOS device is connected to a 788T/CL-WIFI, that “network” is exclusive to the device. The CL-WIFI hardware sets up a device-to-device network (ad-hoc). iOS does not bridge multiple network connections.

Can multiple iOS devices control a 788T/CL-WIFI?

Only a single iOS device can control a 788T at a time. If multiple devices make a connection to the CL-WIFI, the first device to launch the CL-WiFi app and connect to the 788T takes exclusive control of the 788T. Multiple devices can establish a WiFi connection to the CL-WIFI access point, but their CL-WiFi apps won’t be able to connect.

What is the range?

Operating range is dependent on numerous factors, chiefly the environment and how many other devices are operating in the 2.4 GHz band (WiFi bands B/G). Expect range to be consistent with the range received by a typical WiFi access point and your iOS device, in the location you are operating.

What happens when I get out of range?

When in range and connected, the app shows a green “Connected” status in its display. At the fringes of reception, the timecode display begins to slow as the data rate of the WiFi signal degrades. This has no effect on what is going on with the 788T. Once out of range, the app will notify you that it has lost connection. Again, the 788T continues to operate as it was before connection was lost. Once back in range, relaunch the app to reestablish control.

Can I use the CL-WiFi hardware and app on my other 7-Series recorders?

CL-WiFi is for the 788T only. The 702, 702T, 722, and 744T don’t have the necessary electronics hardware to support it.