"It really blew my mind that I could do so much routing, and output/input and level changing on such a compact piece of equipment. It was very freeing to not have to cart around a 50-pound board. I was able to feed a control room, stage PA and the green room, all with one 664!"

Daniel S. McCoy, CAS. Tone Mesa, Mixer, Ellen's Design Challenge

The 664

The 664 Field Production Mixer is one of the flagships in Sound Devices’ line of portable audio mixers. It has 12 analog inputs, four output buses, and records these 16 tracks to both CF and SD cards. This unprecedented amount of I/O connectivity and recording capability makes the 664 perfect for a wide range of production applications.

12 Inputs

The 664 has six ultra-low noise, high-dynamic-range mic/line inputs. These transformer-less preamps offer analog peak limiters, high-pass filters, input trim controls, and direct outputs. Input connectors 1 and 6 can be selected to accept AES42 or AES3 digital signals. Six line-level inputs, 7 through 12, are available by reassigning direct outputs as inputs from the Input Setup Menu. With an attached CL-6 Controller, inputs 7-12 have dedicated fader control.

Output Flexibility

In complex, multi-camera productions, output flexibility is essential. The 664 offers three sets of balanced left/right outputs. Two additional output buses, X1 and X2, appear on balanced TA3 connectors. XLR and multi-pin outputs are selectable to AES3 digital.

Recording Capability

The 664 can record all inputs and output buses, for 16 record tracks. Recordings are saved to CompactFlash and SD cards as either 16- or 24-bit Broadcast WAV files. Scene, take, track, notes, and time code metadata are recorded with the file. All popular production sampling rates are supported. MP3 recording is available for transcription applications.


The 664 was designed with knowledge gained from the industry’s top engineers and from Sound Devices’ expertise in portable mixers. Important controls are on dedicated knobs and switches, while additional features are quickly accessed through the intuitive LCD-based menu control.

Integrated Timecode

With the mixer’s built-in, rock-steady Ambient timecode generator, multiple devices can operate in synchronization. The 664 operates as either a timecode master clock or its clock can be jammed from external timecode. A helpful timecode compare utility shows the difference between internal and external timecode.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the 664, see the 664 F.A.Q.

Optional Accessories


The optional CL-12 linear fader controller significantly expands the mixing capability of the 664. The CL-12 offers 12 100 mm linear faders and sunlight-viewable, 22-segment LED metering with limiter activity. It also offers three user programmable buttons, as well as numerous dedicated back-lit buttons for quick access to key functionalities, such as metadata entry, transport controls, arming, routing, and much more.

The CL-12 comes in two models: the standard CL-12, designed to be a sleek and durable mixing surface with robust black aluminum side panels, and the CL-12 Alaia, which features incredibly smooth gliding Penny & Giles faders and gorgeous custom hardwood side panels.

NOTE: A micro USB power cable (not included) is required when connecting the CL-12 to the 664. Also, Firmware v2.11 or later is required.

CL-6 Input Controller

For applications requiring fader control of inputs 7-12, the available CL-6 Controller adds six dedicated, rotary faders with PFL switches. It also offers additional LED output metering and recording transport controls.

664 Kit

The 664 KIT is a complete production mixer recorder kit, containing all the necessary equipment to connect and operate the 664 in a professional audio production environment.

The 664 KIT includes: (1) 664 mixer. (1) CS-664 bag by Camrade with strap. (4) XL-2F type cables. (2) XL-2 type cables. (1) XL-LB2 timecode sync cable. (1) Sound Devices Approved 16GB CF card. (1) Sound Devices Approved 16 GB SD card.

2 Year Warranty

One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration. Click Here for more information.


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