The 722: Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder with Internal Hard Drive

The 722 two-track file-based digital audio recorder is designed for applications where high-resolution audio capture is essential in a portable, durable device. This compact recorder is known for pleasant-sounding low-noise microphone preamplifiers, and the flexibility to record to its internal hard drive and removable Compact Flash cards.

Included with 722

With the 722

Quantity Item
1 722
1 Power supply
1 CS-MAN padded carry case
1 XL-1394 Firewire power conditioner
1 C-link cable for multi-unit linking
1 XL-B2 Li-Ion battery
1 XL-14 headphone extension cable
4 Adhesive Rubber "Bumpers"
1 Product registration card
1 722 Front Panel Button Shortcuts reference card
1 Full-line Audio Catalog

2 Year Warranty

One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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