MixPre Series Audio Samples

Sound Devices recorded a series of audio samples with the MixPre Series multitrack recorders. Click by category to listen to each sample or to download the uncompressed, high bitrate .WAV file.

Guitar | Vocals | Jam | Band | Piano | Electronic | Drums | Sound FX | Field Recording


Guitars by Chris Mittlesteadt recorded to the MixPre-6. Equipment used: Nylon string - Taylor NS74CE, Steel string - Taylor 814CE, AKG C414XLII set to cardioid 4-inches above bridge, Shure KSM 137 4-inches above 12th fret. Low Cut was set at 80Hz with Limiters off. No post-processing.

"Heavy Metal Session" was recorded by Ross Madrigal on a Gibson Les Paul Studio, a Shure SM57 slightly off axis, and a Marshall 4x12 w. Scumback H55 speakers.


"Heart Afire" vocals and piano by Shawndell Marks. AKG C414XLII set to cardioid +38dB gain on mic pre 4-inches from mouth with Low Cut at 120Hz, Limiters off. No post-processing.

Jam Session

Impromptu jam session, "Take 50", with Paul Isaacs and Chris Mittlesteadt of Sound Devices. All music was recorded using the MixPre-6 with Low Cut at 40Hz, and Limiters on. Piano – Gildemeester and Kroeger 7-1/2' grand, mic'd with AKG C414XLS pair; Guitar – Heritage H-535 with '57 Classic pickups, Providence Stampede SOV-1 overdrive pedal, TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb pedal, handmade '57 Fender Deluxe clone w. Eminence Red Fang 12" speaker, amp mic'd with SM57 on the grille. Mixed in Logic with no processing with the exception of added guitar reverb and track normalizing.

Live Band

Patsy Cline's classic song "Crazy" was performed by The Good Karma Quartet and recorded on the MixPre-6. Shawndell Marks - Vocals on Neumann KMS105; Joe McCloskey - Upright Bass on Fishman Full Circle Pickup; Paul Isaacs - Piano on Schoeps CMC6/MK4 stereo spaced pair; Chris Mittlesteadt - Guitar on SM57 at grille of Tweed Deluxe amp. Reverb and gentle compression was added in post-processing.


"Piano" was recorded by Shawndell Marks with a MixPre-6 and Rode NT4 microphone. The MixPre was set Low Cut at 40Hz, +35dB gain on mic pre 6-inches above strings, centered on soundboard with Limiters off. All other piano samples were recorded by Paul Isaacs on a Yamaha C7 grand piano, lid up, small living room, 12x30x9 feet (WxLxH). Recorded with the MixPre-6 using a pair of DPA 4099P mics placed at various distances from piano ranging from 1-foot to 3-feet. No post-processing.

Electronic Music

Jeremy Blake of Red Means Recording recorded a new track on the MixPre-10M multitrack recorder. Instruments included an Access Virus Indigo, Base station II, Elektron Digitakt and Digitec.


Drums by Isaac Mittlesteadt. Equipment used: Kick - Shure Beta 91, inside shell, 3-inches from beater head; Snare - Shure SM57, 2-inches off rim, 45deg. Angle; Overheads - Crown SASS MKII at 6-inches centered above kit facing drummer. Limiters off on the MixPre-6. No post-processing.

Sound FX

"Trackside - Goodwood Circuit" was recorded by Codemasters Junior Sound Designer David Gurney for F1 racing. These sounds were recorded trackside at Goodwood Circuit in the UK in 2017. It features a flyover of Hawk T1s by the Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team followed by passing race cars on the track. To make the recording, he used the MixPre-6 in an Orca bag with a Superlux S502 stereo mic and Rycote baby ball gags.

All weapons fire was recorded on the MixPre-6. Firearms used: Glenfield model 60 .22 LR rifle; Remington 700 .270 rifle; Ruger .44 Magnum carbine rifle; Winchester model 1200 12-gauge shotgun. The MixPre-6 was set Low Cut at 80Hz, stereo linked channels with a Rode NT4 microphone, 2-feet from each chamber, +25dB gain on the mic pre with Limiters on. No post-processing.

Field Recording

Nature sounds recorded at 5:00 AM CST using the MixPre-6. First recording Low Cut was set at 80Hz, stereo linked channels with a Rode NT4 microphone, +65dB gain on the mic pre with Limiters off. "Front Porch Birds" was recorded using a pair of DPA 4099P mics. No post-processing.