MixPre Series Firmware v1.20

4-channel linking

Channel 1-4 Linking

The MixPre-6 now features 4-channel linking, ideal for surround recording.

Sound Devices MixPre Series firmware - (v1.20) provides a firmware update for previously released versions. It is highly recommended that users update to the latest version of firmware available as soon as possible.

Last update Sept. 28, 2017

Changes introduced in 1.20 include:


  • The MixPre-6 now offers 4-channel linking. (This feature is only available on the MixPre-6.)
    To link channels 1-4:

    1. Ensure System > Mode is set to Advanced, or if using Custom mode, that Channel is set to Advanced.
    2. Push the channel 1 knob to access that Channel screen.
    3. On page 3, tap Linking and select 1-4.
      When channels 1-4 are linked, gain, fader, limiters, track arming, low cut filters, and input delay are all linked and controlled from Channel 1 screen and knob.
      Note: Available options vary based on set mode.
  • Input Delay, a feature already available on the MixPre-6, is now supported on the MixPre-3. Available on channels 1-3, adjustable from 0 to 30 ms in 1 ms increments.


  • In this firmware, the Linking feature was moved from Custom Setup > Gain > Advanced to Custom Setup > Channel > Advanced. This change now lets you link inputs while still having the option of one or two gain stages.

    Users wanting to link inputs, but control all levels from the front-panel channel 1 knob should set System > Mode to Custom and then in Custom Setup, set Gain to Basic and Channel to Advanced.

    Users wanting to link inputs with two gain stages while in Custom mode, ensure that Gain and Channel are both set to Advanced. Then, you can adjust gain levels for linked channels from the Channel 1 screen and adjust fader levels for linked channels with the Channel 1 knob.


  • Corrected offset in timecode file stamps when using external LTC via the 3.5 mm Aux Input.
  • Limiter Indicator would not properly show activity after unlinking input channels.
  • Input delay for linked channels 1-2 incorrectly applied to linked channels 3-4 after power cycle.
  • Gain not correctly applied to MS-linked line level inputs.
  • Aux gain fader range display issues.
  • Playback issue where isolated tracks were not routed correctly to outputs.

1.20 - Sept 28, 2017


  • Channel 1-4 linking. (Available on MixPre-6 only)
  • Input Delay feature added to MixPre-3. This feature was already available on the MixPre-6.


  • Permit channel knobs to adjust levels on isolated linked tracks. Set System>Mode to Custom, then System>Custom Setup>Channel to Advanced.
  • 1.11 - June 26,2017


    • When playing back a file, the file's remaining time is now shown in the Status Bar.


    • The File List Number is now editable from 1 to 9999.
    • The Current Project name is now displayed in the Menu>Project header.
    • The Headphone output is briefly muted when Aux In Mode is changed to prevent loud audible pops.
    • Various system improvements and enhancements.


    • In some custom setups, ISO Tracks were recorded low level when Tracks L and R were disarmed.
    • File corruption when power was depleted mid-recording.
    • Some custom mode settings were not retained after a power cycle; for instance, 40 Hz Low Cut Filter setting was set to 80Hz after a power cycle.
    • After a power cycle, channel gain was not set correctly until the channel knob was slightly adjusted.
    • Channel 5 and 6 did not correctly show limiter activity when Input Source was set to Aux In.
    • Clip indicator showed twice for one clipping event.
    • Changing headphone gain while in the Solo/Mute screen caused incorrect monitoring and routing of signals to the headphone output.
    • Gain and pan controls were not grayed out on channel 2 when channels 1 and 2 were linked as a stereo or MS pair. (MixPre-3 Only)
    • Engaging record with a full SD card inserted created small files.
    • Incorrect message was displayed when attempting to record with a locked SD Card inserted. Now, 'SD Card is Locked' is reported.
    • Camera Meters (C1, C2) did not display signal activity in Custom Mode with Advanced Headphone Settings.
    • Camera and USB Meters didn’t show any activity during playback.
    • USB Audio Routing was incorrect while playing back.
    • The Open Project Menu list was displayed incorrectly when rapidly scrolling through it.
    • Audio Delay could have been incorrect after changing sample rate.
    • A recording's first sample could have been incorrect after changing sample rate.
    • Improved stability of HDMI Timecode.
    • USB Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z did not perform Undo.
    • USB Keyboard shortcut F2 did not enter the File List.
    • The Record/L&R Gain setting incorrectly altered the L&R track playback levels. The setting should only affect the L&R record levels, not the L&R playback levels.

    1.01 - May 30, 2017


    • Upon startup with an SD card inserted, the MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 could enter a power cycle loop.

    1.00 - Initial Release

    Please read and follow the steps below carefully. You may want to print them before upgrading firmware.

    Sound Devices recommends saving a setup file prior to loading new firmware.

    Prepare to Update

    1. Download the MixPre firmware file MixPre_1.20.zip using the link below.
      From the zip archive, extract the file within named MixPre_1.20.prg file. Copy this .prg file to the root level (not within a folder) of an SD memory card that has already been formatted by the MixPre recorder.
    2. Apply Update to MixPre.
    3. Power the MixPre via USB-C to external DC power or via "fully charged" batteries. Do not perform the update with low batteries or unstable power sources.
    4. Insert the SD card with the .prg file.
    5. Power on the MixPre.
    6. Navigate to System > Update Firmware and follow the on-screen instructions.
    7. When the update is complete the recorder will power cycle itself. The version number MixPre_1.20 will be displayed briefly on the splash screen while booting up. A message box appears "Firmware updated successfully Version:MixPre_1.20". Tap "OK". Please note any changes or additions to the main Menu (if applicable). Consult product documentation for details.