Sound Devices Video Archive

Matt designing product at his workbench.
Readying Beta
Prototypes getting set to be built and shipped
Massive Vibrator
Matt shakes hard drives during testing of the 7-Series recorders.
Matt lets the smoke out of a prototype
Sound Devices shows how assembling an audio recorder is done
InBroadcast InSight at IBC 2016 - SOUND DEVICES
Jon Tatooles, Co-Founder, Chief Business Development Officer, Sound Devices, shows some of the stand highlights for the company at IBC 2016,, including the Wingman App and the PIX-Base monitor mount, to InBroadcast's Ashley Blankenship...
Introducing the PIX-Base Mounting Accessory
Video Devices introduces PIX-Base, a sturdy, flexible mounting accessory for its popular line of PIX-E Series 4K-compatible recording monitors. The tabletop-friendly PIX-Base is an easily adjustable design of durable, anodized aluminum that collapses flat for easy storage and transport. PIX-Base off...
PIX-E Series Adds New Video Assist Features
The Video Devices PIX-E Series of 4K recording monitors now offers new video assist features with the release of Firmware Version 3.50. With this firmware update the PIX-E Series offers key playback functionality, including the ability to: • Add, delete, and locate to cue markers • Create a cus...
Sound Devices MixPre-6 Review
Sound Devices has disrupted the sound recording game for enthusiast and semi-pro filmmakers with their new MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 recorders. I pre-ordered the MixPre-6 and have been working with it for about 5 weeks now. This is my in-depth review after having used it on several jobs and projects. T...
MixPre Series Tiptorial - USB File Transfer
In this tiptorial, Nelson demonstrates how to transfer files from the MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 to a computer via USB.