Sound Devices Video Archive

552 Field Mixer - Recording Setup
A quick video showing how to set up the 552 for recording.
CL-WiFi Overview
Overview of the CL-WiFi iOS app and CL-WIFI hardware for the 788T. The CL-WiFi app provides monitoring and control of a 788T.
552 Field Mixer - Monitor Setup
A brief video describing the setup of headphone monitoring with Sound Devices 552 Field Mixer.
552 Field Mixer - Input Setup
Brief overview of input settings on Sound Devices 552 Field Mixer; including phantom, input gain, trim, pan, and high-pass control.
USBPre 2 - Product Overview Video
A three minute overview of Sound Devices USBPre 2 Computer Audio Interface
Sound Devices 552 Field Mixer - Video Preview
Preview of the new Sound Devices 552 Production Audio Mixer. The 552 incorporates five precision microphone inputs and includes an integrated digital audio recorder. The 552 will be introduced at IBC 2009.
Matt designing product at his workbench.
Readying Beta
Prototypes getting set to be built and shipped
Massive Vibrator
Matt shakes hard drives during testing of the 7-Series recorders.
Matt lets the smoke out of a prototype