Sound Devices Video Archive

Sound Devices & Video Devices Recorder Metadata and Sound Reports
Homebrew tutorial about the Metadata, Sound Report and other cool features from the new v2.10 firmware for the Sound Devices 970 and Video Devices PIX 270i, 260i and 250i rackmount recorders
PIXNET Overview
PIXNET is a powerful web server with an intuitive interface that allows users to control all aspects of the PIX Rack recorders remotely from any web enabled device!
FileSafe™ - File Recovery System
FileSafe™ - File Recovery System protects against file loss in the event of drive disconnection.
New for NAB 2014
Sound Devices introduces the PIX 250i and PIX 270i video recorders and the 970 audio recorder. Stop by our NAB exhibit at booth #C2546 to see the full line of Sound Devices products.
788T Mix Assist Feature Overview
Take an in-depth look at Mix Assist, an available feature on the 788T that improves audio quality in environments with multiple open microphones
MixPre-D Interconnection with DSLR Cameras
This video is a brief view of the Interconnection and set up of Sound Devices MixPre-D Compact Audio Mixer with DSLR cameras. The MixPre-D is the perfect audio complement when using on-camera audio with cameras designed without comprehensive audio inputs.
Sound Devices Wave Agent 1.20 Overview
Wave Agent is Sound Devices Mac OS and Windows WAV file utility. It offers multi-track playback (up to 32-tracks), metadata editing, and poly/mono split/combine utilities.
Sound Devices 633 Livestream Introduction Complete
View this re-posting of the full live stream of the 633 mixer product launch, including the 633 introduction video. Complete with cheesy opening. ENJOY!
Sound Devices 633 - Inputs and Outputs Overview
Take a closer look at the inputs, outputs, and recording capability of the 633.
Sound Devices 633 Time Code and Metadata
This brief video explores the time code and metadata available on the 633 mixer.