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MixPre-6 Jam Session - "Take 50"
Impromptu jam session with Paul Isaacs and Chris Mittlesteadt of Sound Devices. All music was recorded using the Sound Devices MixPre-6 audio recorder + USB audio interface with Low Cut set at 40 Hz with Limiters on. More details on the setup is listed below. Piano: Gildemeester and Kroeger 7-1/2'...
Mrs. Lanoux
My favorite teacher getting surprised with a gift from Sound Devices!
My YouTube Audio & Recording Setup
New tech for 2017 & my new favorite gadget under $1,000! Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7! If you make YouTube videos, this is probably the best audio/recorder for the money. Sound Devices MixPre3:
MixPre Series Tiptorial - Setting Up Wingman
Quick video tiptorial on how to setup the Sound Devices Wingman remote control app for the MixPre-3 or MixPre-6.
MixPre Series Tiptorial – Linking
How to video on linking channels on the Sound Devices MixPre-3 & MixPre-6 recorders. MixPre-6: MixPre-3:
MixPre Series Tiptorial - How to Use Channel Knobs to Adjust ISO Levels
In this tiptorial, Joel demos how to use channel knobs to adjust iso track levels with MixPre Series recorders.
MixPre Series Tiptorial - Basic Mode
In this video, Chris walks through Basic Mode on the MixPre-3. Basic is one of three modes of operation for the Sound Devices MixPre Series recorders. Video on Advanced Mode – MixPre-3 - MixPre-6 - http://www....
MixPre Series Tiptorial - Advanced Mode
In this video, Chris takes a deep dive into many of the advanced features for the MixPre Series recorders. Video on Basic Mode – MixPre-3 – MixPre-6 –
Sound Devices MixPre Series Overview
Paul Isaacs from Sound Devices presents the MixPre series of audio recorders/mixers/USB audio interfaces. And even though these portable recorders fit in the palm of your hand, they offer a lot of power under the hood. Custom-engineered Kashmir mic preamps and 32-bit converters deliver pro-grade aud...
Sound Devices MixPre-3 & MixPre-6: First Look with Paul Isaacs
Sound Devices just announced a new set of audio recorders/mixers called the MixPre series. In this episode, we stopped by the Sound Devices booth at the 2017 NAB show where Paul Isaacs gave us an overview of the new mixers for filmmaking enthusiasts, podcasters, musicians, and even production mixers...