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Remote Control Sound Devices 6-Series & 788T recorder with a Master Lockit
With Firmware 4.1, we integrate remote functionality for the renowned Sound Devices 633, 664, 688, and 788T into the Master Lockit's capabilities. The new Remote Control Tab in the Master Lockit's web interface provides wireless access to the most important recorder functions including: Record Start...
Master Lockit - Sound Devices 6-Series, 788T MasterLockit Integration
We are very proud to announce Master Lockit functionality to Sound Devices 6-Series Mixer / Recorders and 788T Recorders.  After integrating popular cameras into the ACN timecode and metadata system, we now expand the Master Lockit functionality to the audio world with the all new ACN-ML firmware 4...
#MovieSlate app - Sync with Sound Devices 6-Series Recorders
#MovieSlate app - Remotely control and sync data with Sound Devices 6-Series Recorders
InfoComm 2016 | Sound Devices
Sound Devices, LLC is exhibiting at InfoComm 2016 - Booth #6443 - in Las Vegas. Here's Chris Mittlesteadt giving a quick demo of our PIX 270i video rack running frame-synchronized grouped playback. This feature was added in the Firmware Version 2.30 release. Video was shot on an iPhone.
Introducing the PIX-LR
Video Devices is thrilled to introduce the PIX-LR – a first-of-its-kind audio interface accessory that brings unparalleled audio quality to video production via the PIX-E Series of 4K recording monitors. With its signature Sound Devices-designed mic preamps, wide dynamic range and superb limiters...
688 Now Features Dugan Automixing
The Sound Devices 688 mixer/recorder is the first field production mixer to offer the renowned Dugan Speech System™. The now offers two powerful auto-mixing options with its MixAssist technology. In this video, Jon Tatooles, Chief Business Development Officer of Sound Devices, and Dan Dugan, CEO o...
Jon Tatooles-Sound Devices #NAB
Dugan Automixing debuts for the 688 Mixer at Sound Devices at NAB 2016. Also, Jon Tatooles talks about the newest developments of the Pix-E series.
Sound Devices Updates the 688 Mixer & PIX-E5 Interface Firmware
From No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2016: Sound Devices continues making it easier to get clean audio from larger groups of people. We got a taste for the scale of Sound Devices recording ambition's last year as they introduced the 688, a 12 input 16...
Creating Sound Reports for the 970
Timesaver video on how to create a sound report for the 970 audio recorder using either PIXNET or the front panel of the 970. This is the same process for the Video Devices PIX 270i, PIX 260i and PIX 250i video recorders.
Sound Devices 633: Why Do Pros Use Gear Like This?
Because I love sound and am aiming to take on more jobs as a mixer, I recently bought the Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder. This is a much more capable mixer and recorder than my previous recorders including the Zoom F8, the Tascam DR-60DmkII, and others. The Sound Devices will be my primary recorde...