A question we often hear in Technical Support goes something like this, “I’ve cranked up the gain of my [pick a Sound Devices product] microphone input and it sounds noisy. What gives?” The short answer is, “that is a meaningless ‘measurement’”. The long answer is far more interesting for those who want a better understanding of microphone preamplifiers. Performing a valid, meaningful measurement of microphone preamplifier input noise requires more than “cranking open” an input and listening in headphones.

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The MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 are high performance audio instruments. These diminutive products offer audio quality that equals, and often exceeds, rack-mounted, mains-powered audio gear. To get to this level of performance they require more power than other products in their class. This article discusses different battery types and their effect on MixPre battery runtime.

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Video Tiptorial demonstrating how to install the Windows ASIO® driver on our MixPre Series recorders. In this video, we also explain why a user would need the ASIO driver and how to properly download it from Sound Devices' website.

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