With Mac OS 10.8 and higher, Apple has introduced a new security model. By default, users are only able to install applications downloaded from the App Store or applications that have been authenticated by Apple. FileSafe is not an authenticated application, so extra steps are required for installation.

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Phantom power is an important and essential feature of a microphone preamplifier. All Sound Devices mixers and recorders that include microphone preamplifiers offer phantom power, conforming to the IEC specification. Select Sound Devices products also offer phantom power for line-level signals, since many microphones can output very high signal levels in the presence of high-sound-pressure-levels, such as concert and gun recordings.

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The Sound Devices 970 Audio Recorder and the Video Devices rack mount video recorders, PIX 270i and PIX 260i, utilize the Dante audio over IP protocol to allow the transport of high quality, multi-channel, low latency audio over standard Ethernet networks. While all Ethernet switches will pass Dante traffic, Audinate provides a few guidelines on how to choose the appropriate network switch.

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Post loves having audio track names to help identify what they're editing. This video shows you how it easy it can be to deliver what they want using a Sound Devices 6-Series!


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