"What is that sticky white pad in my SpeedDrive?"

Every SpeedDrive enclosure comes with a gap-pad, a thermally conductive cushion that helps dissipate heat.

Do not remove the gap-pad when installing the mSATA SSD into the SpeedDrive enclosure, or at any other point.

  • ProRes 4k video recording produces an extremely high data rate which produces quite a bit of heat no matter what recording medium is used.
  • The SpeedDrive enclosure is expressly designed to wick the heat away from the SSD via its thermally conductive gap-pad and heat sink.
  • Though the SpeedDrive can be very warm to the touch, this is by design. It keeps the SSD as cool as possible.
  • When operating in very hot environments, the PIX-E monitors will display an alert if the mSATA drive is approaching maximum operating temperatures. These alerts may appear more frequently if the gap-pad is removed.

For these reasons, Sound Devices Customer Support strongly recommends that you do not remove the gap-pad.

Through collaboration with third-party companies—Ambient Recording & Lockit Network GmbH, and Timecode Systems & PureBlend Software—Sound Devices supports wireless remote control of any 6-Series mixer (688, 664, and 633) via web-based and iOS mobile devices. Remote control of the mixers is also supported by connecting these systems to the Sound Devices CL-12 liner fader controller.

For proper integration between a 6-Series mixer and third-party remote control systems, certain hardware and minimum software/firmware is required. For instance, firmware v3.10 or later on the 6-Series mixers is required. Please refer to the tables below for more requirements related to the type of integration.

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Thanks to collaboration between Sound Devices, LLC and Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc., the Sound Devices 688 Field Production Mixer, which already featured 12-channels of automixing with Sound Devices' MixAssist, introduced the renown Dugan automixing as another powerful option for audio professionals to choose.

This article explains in more detail the history and development behind these industry-leading automix features.

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