This article was written in reference to the 302, but the concept of polarity reversal applies to all Sound Devices products which provide polarity reversal on certain channels.

Q: What does the polarity switch on a 302 do? Sometimes when I switch it I lose signal on channel 2. What is going on?

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When using the 702T or 744T AES/EBU digital inputs and the built in time code generator to slave the recorders from a mixer with digital outputs, care must be taken. The 702T and 744T internal time code generator can only run off of its internal high-accuracy crystal - it does not use word clock or AES/EBU to derive time code.

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Q: I am set up to record two-track WAV poly files with my 744T but when I import my files into my DAW there are four tracks, two of which have nothing on them. I feed the recorder a two-channel stereo mix using the line in TA3 connectors on my 744T. I have custom routed inputs 3 and 4 to tracks C and D. Why is my two-track WAV poly setup creating four-track WAV poly files.

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