Q: While recording some foley FX with sharp transients, even with the limiter engaged I was still hitting getting close to 0 dBFS. I was under the impression that the limiter threshold was -6 dBFS (according to the manual). What am I seeing?

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Sound Devices' word clock connections on 7-Series recorders do not have a 75 ohm terminating impedance. We do this because several units can be connected without over-loading the unit driving it. In most situations, using no termination works just fine.

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Of Equal and Opposites

Of the dizzying array of questions that the expansive and all-knowing Sound Devices Technical Support Department fields, the one which has the most people confused, bamboozled, and flummoxed is: "What is this 'impedance' balanced output stage that you use on on early MixPre's and the TA3 outputs of the 442?" Here is the answer:

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