Sound Devices released firmware v2.11, which expanded support of the CL-12 linear fader controller to include the 633 and 664 mixer/recorders. Previously released to integrate with the 688, the CL-12 now supports the entire line of 6-Series mixer/recorders. CL-12 setup for the 633 or 664 differs from the 688. This video walks users through the quick and easy process of connecting a 633 or 664 to a CL-12.

In the unlikely event that you need to manually force a complete shutdown of either the 633 or 688, this video demonstrates how to by-pass the PowerSafe and QuickBoot features.

The Sound Devices/Video Devices 970, PIX 260i, and PIX 270i units benefit from the inclusion of Dante digital audio networking capability. Dante allows for many channels of digital audio to be transferred between any Dante-compatible devices on a Dante network. Utilizing Dante, microphones, preamplifiers, mixers, recorders and many other devices may be connected together on one common, Ethernet-based network allowing for clean and simple physical connections as well as pristine, ground-loop and noise-free audio. Dante provides additional functionality in that any or all channels of audio may be routed to any of the Dante devices on the network independently.

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The Sony FS7 camera is capable of sending 4k video signal from its HDMI output. Follow the steps below to set up the FS7.

  1. Go to the User menu
  2. Select the Codec menu item and set to XAVCi
  3. Select the Rec menu item and set to video format to 4096 29.97p or 23.98p
  4. Select the Output Format menu item and set HDMI out to 4096x2160P
  5. Connect the FS7 HDMI output to the PIX-E HDMI input

All of these criteria must be met to properly send 6G-SDI signal from the Blackmagic URSA camera to a PIX-E7 or PIX-E5 recording monitor:

  • Use a high quality SDI cable.
  • Connect SDI cable to the rear SDI output of the camera. The side output will only send HD signal.
  • Set the camera to record 3840 x 2160.
  • Set the the SDI mode of the camera to 4K.

The quality of the SDI cable is paramount. Many available cables do not meet the demanding requirements of the high bandwidth of 6 Gb/s signal.


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