8-Series Firmware 7.10

Download v7.10


  • Daily folders can now be recorded to past midnight, optionally.
  • New Link Margin indicator in SuperSlot screen for Wisycom MCR54.


  • Improved UI responsiveness in Wisycom MCR54 SuperSlot screens when editing Group or Channel parameters. 
  • 8-Series no longer goes unresponsive when using the Wisycom MCR42 or MCR54 in Slot B of the SL-2 attached to the 833.
  • Wisycom MCR42 and MCR54 Group RF Scans can now be cancelled. 
  • Color of the TX Battery Level indicator in the various SuperSlot Rx screens no longer intermittently appears washed-out.
  • Loading large A10 User Group files via the 8-Series no longer causes sluggish UI behavior.
  • Rare occurrences of the 8-Series going unresponsive when attempting to copy a > 4 GB RF64 WAV file from one SD card to another no longer occur. 
  • 8-Series no longer goes unresponsive after deleting a folder that contains older files. 
  • An error message is now displayed when attempting to copy a file that exceeds available space of the destination media. 
  • Copied folders are no longer empty after deleting the folder from the source media. 
  • Q-marks are now properly displayed when mounting an SD Card with monophonic files recorded by another 8-Series mixer-recorder. 
  • Q-marks are now properly displayed for recordings stored on an SD Card that was reinserted after a format of the internal SSD. 
  • Timecode mode External Timecode Continuous now correctly continues counting timecode when the external source is disconnected. 
  • Timecode values are now displayed as –:–:–:– when Timecode is set to Off. 
  • Bus Limiters are now properly linked when the bus is set up as a linked pair. 
  • 8-Series Bluetooth menu is no longer intermittently set to Off following connection and disconnection of SD-Remote.
  • Incorrect trim gain ranges are no longer presented in SD-Remote for Scorpio channels 17-32 with some input sources.

Known Issues

  • If 8-series firmware is updated from v6.10 to v7.00 with a Wisycom MCR54 in an SL-2 or SL-6 slot,  the MCR54 may not be recognized as a Superslot receiver the first time after the update. Power cycle the 8-series to allow the MCR54 to be correctly recognized.
  • Gain slider position and gain values in SD-Remote occasionally lag when dragging, especially with linked or grouped channels.
  • When switching between SD-Remote Meter tabs, the new Meter tab may take up to a second to refresh.
  • Issue with MCR54 calibration tone. This issue will be addressed by Wisycom.
  • Intermittent communication errors can occur when running a Group RF Scan from Wisycom MCR42 and MCR54 SuperSlot screens. This issue will be addressed by Wisycom.