8-Series Firmware 7.20

Download v7.20


  • Supports four-instance and eight-instance versions of NoiseAssist.
  • NoiseAssist instances can now be applied to any bus.
  • Supports SD-Remote for iPhone.
  • Support for SD-Remote False Takes function.
  • Trim/Fader Group option allows trim gain of multiple channels to be controlled by the channel with the smallest channel number in the group.


  • ‘X’ Output gains and mutes now pass through to Dante and USB outputs when ‘X’ outputs are selected as sources.


  • Rare event where audio is missing at power up has been eliminated.
  • Red display artifact no longer shown on CL-16 screen while in record.
  • Channels routed pre-fade to the Left and/or Right bus are no longer muted following a power cycle.
  • CL-16 fader movements intermittently not registering after power up no longer occurs.
  • Pressing the top row knobs on the CL-16 while in Bus Sends on Faders mode no longer incorrectly exits the mode.
  • After power on, trims or faders are no longer intermittently unresponsive.
  • Various issues with the calibration tone of the Wisycom MCR54 have been resolved. Proper operation requires Wisycom MCR54 to be running v1.7 or later.
  • Frequency settings of the Wisycom MCR54 made from the 8-Series interface are no longer lost following a power cycle. Proper operation requires Wisycom MCR54 to be running v1.7 or later.
  • Reordered the bEXT chunk contents so that Notes are always readable by DAWs and NLEs that can only read bEXT and not iXML metadata.
  • Start timecode values of recordings that elapse after midnight are no longer stamped incorrectly.
  • X7/X8 is no longer incorrectly interpreted as X5/X6 when routed to Dante and USB Outs on the 888.
  • Changes to a channel’s stereo linking status no longer result in muted audio on the bus the channel is sent to pre-fade.
  • System no longer goes unresponsive when finalizing a new recording following the copying of a large folder.
  • USB Outputs are no longer silent when X3 and X4 are selected as the source audio on the 833.

Known Issues

  • If 8-Series firmware is updated from v6.10 to v7.00 (or higher) with a Wisycom MCR54 in an SL-2 or SL-6 slot,  the MCR54 may not be recognized as a Superslot receiver the first time after the update. Power cycle the 8-Series to allow the MCR54 to be correctly recognized.
  • Gain slider position and gain values in SD-Remote occasionally lag when dragging, especially with linked or grouped channels.
  • When switching between SD-Remote Meter tabs, the new Meter tab may take up to a second to refresh.
  • Intermittent communication errors can occur when running an RF Scan from Wisycom MCR42 and MCR54 SuperSlot screens. We are working with Wisycom to resolve this issue.