8-Series Firmware 7.30

Download Firmware v7.30


  • SD-Remote support of Android phones.
    Android phones running Android 7 Nougat or higher connect via Bluetooth LE to 8-Series. 
  • SD-Remote APK now available at sounddevices.com for Android users without access to the Google Play store.
  • SuperSlot support of the Sony DWR-S03D (running firmware v1.10 or later).


  • False Take, Delete file/folder, and format media confirmation pop ups now default to highlighting ‘Cancel’ to avoid accidental activation.
  • Progress bar now displays the status of file and folder copying. 
  • Scale lines have been added to RF Level History on the SuperSlot Rx screens.
  • Changes to Wisycom MCR-54 menus to accommodate changes made in v1.7.
    • Squelch Mode menu no longer has an ‘Off’ option.
    • Display Off Timeout menu now displays values in seconds.
  • Improved speed of displaying results of a Wisycom MCR54 RF Group Scan. 
  • MacOS alias, Windows shortcuts, and Linux links files (files created by a computer when mounted as a mass storage device) are no longer displayed in the Take List, Load Global Settings, or Controllers Mapping Load menu. 


  • All Wisycom MCR54 slotted into the SL-6 are now always recognized at boot up by the Scorpio as SuperSlot receivers.
  • Daily folder option popup now appears after midnight when stopping a recording with post-roll active.
  • Independent trim gain adjustments are no longer allowed on the even channel of a linked pair assigned to larger fader groups. 
  • Various intermittent issues related to 833 and 888 output metering activity no longer occur.

Soft fader pickup now works correctly when switching between 8-Series and SD-Remote fader movements.

Known Issues

  • Gain slider position and gain values in SD-Remote occasionally lag when dragging, especially with linked or grouped channels.
  • When switching between SD-Remote Meter tabs, the new Meter tab may take up to a second to refresh.
  • Intermittent communication errors can occur when running an RF Scan from Wisycom MCR42 and MCR54 SuperSlot screens. We are working with Wisycom to resolve this issue.