8-Series Firmware 7.40

Download v7.40


  • Support for CEDAR sdnx noise suppression plugin available in two-instance, four-instance, and eight-instance versions. sdnx operates at sample rates up to 96 kHz. Includes 2-instance demo mode. Visit the Sound Devices Online Store for more details and to purchase your plugin. 
  • Improvements to record folders including more intuitive navigation/folder creation, direct access via the Take List, plus new Options menu with Delete Folder and Create Sound Reports options.
  • New Take List option to rename takes and keep embedded WAV metadata (project, scene, take) in sync.


  • Various issues where Create Sound Report incorrectly reports “No Takes Found’ and a sound report is not created no longer occur. 
  • System no longer goes unresponsive when navigating to a non-native file (not generated by the 8-Series) in the File List. Non-native files are not supported on the 8-Series.
  • The year digits (YY) no longer appear twice in the Sound Report file name. 
  • ISO post-fade routings are no longer incorrectly prevented in the Noise Suppression menu.
  • Frequencies that fall outside of the Band Block of a Sony DWR-S03D can no longer be accessed.
  • Q-marks can no longer be added during playback of RF64 files as RF64 does not support Q-marks.
  • LCD trim clip indicator is now calibrated to display at the onset of clipping rather than after.
  • Intermittent post-fade limiter indication when channels limiters are off no longer occurs.
  • Loading a user setup file with a daily folder no longer creates a folder of a previous date.
  • Empty daily folders are no longer created when selecting “create a new daily folder” at the start of a new day.
  • Various other improvements to daily folders.

Known Issues

  • Intermittent communication errors can occur when running an RF Scan from Wisycom MCR42 and MCR54 SuperSlot screens. We are working with Wisycom to resolve this issue.
  • Switching between NoiseAssist and CEDAR sdnx demo modes can result in audio being muted on the LR bus, audio not being processed by NoiseAssist, or the 8-Series mixer-recorder not auto-clearing the ‘Switching Noise Suppression Type’ popup. Please follow these simple workarounds: 
    • 1. Press OK to clear the Noise Suppression demo mode popup when switching between CEDAR sdnx and NoiseAssist. Do not let the popup auto-clear. In the event the message auto-clears, power cycle the 8-Series mixer-recorder. 
    • 2. After switching between CEDAR sdnx and NoiseAssist demo modes, disable then re-enable Noise Suppression to ensure proper operation.
    • We are investigating this issue as a matter of priority and will release firmware once resolved and tested. Thank you for your patience and understanding.