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MixPre Firmware 7.12

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Fixed MixPre-10T and -10 II no longer change trim levels after a power cycle when the extra channels and Aux inputs are in use. MixPre-10T and -10 II Aux input signal is no longer incorrectly routed to an output when assigned an isolated post-fade channel. MixPre-10T and -10 II timecode no longer resets to BNC […]

MixPre Firmware 7.11

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Change Default isolated track names in Audio projects are now “Ch1”, “Ch2”, “Ch3”, etc. Fixed MixPre no longer becomes unresponsive following Low Cut Filter changes when a channel is off.  Pressing a channel knob no longer incorrectly accesses the Channel screen while in a Music project and connected to a fader control surface with the […]

MixPre Firmware 7.10

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New Introducing front panel locks. Press channel knobs 1, 2, and 3 to enter the new Front Panel menu. Lock transport controls, touchscreen, channel knobs, and/or the headphone knob to avoid accidental changes or when you are leaving your MixPre unattended.  Additional USB keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + M = Add cue marker Ctrl + F […]

MixPre Firmware v3.00

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New For all models: USB control from the Korg NanoKontrol Studio, Korg NanoKontrol2, Akai MidiMix, and Novation Launch Control XL USB control surfaces. Other USB control surfaces are not supported. Includes support for fader, trim, pan, low cut, reverb, solo, mute, track arm, monitor, transport control, LR output level, and user-programmable shortcut buttons. Note: available […]