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Installing Wave Agent on Mac OS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, and Macs with Apple Silicon

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Step 1 Uninstall any previous version of Wave Agent.  Download Wave Agent for macOS here. After downloading, open Finder and locate WaveAgent_Mac_v1.20.Expand the folder as shown below.  Open the file wave-agent-macos-1.20.dmg Opening the file will generate a removable drive icon on the desktop and/or finder. Step 2 Open the removable drive icon. Select and right-click […]

Wave Agent

WAV File Utility for Mac OS and Windows Computers

Wave Agent on Linux

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Wine is a Windows application loader for the Linux operating system with a well-established history. Using wine, it is possible to install and run the Windows version of Wave Agent beta on Linux, with a few limitations. Wine is available in the official repositories of most popular Linux distributions.