A10-RX Firmware v3.00

Download v3.00


  • Supports the A-15PIN adapter for Sony’s proprietary wireless slot. Connects an A10-RX directly to Sony camcorders/extension units and sends two channels of AES digital wireless audio. When connected to the camcorder via the A-15PIN, the A10-RX receives power and powers up and down with the camcorder.Supported Sony Cameras
    • PXW-Z750
    • PXW-Z450
    • PXW-Z400
    • PXW-X320
    • PMW-400
    • PMW-500
    • PDW-850
    • PXW-FX9 (Requires XDCA-FX9 Extension unit for FX9 camcorder)
    Installation instructions for the A-15PIN can be found here: www.sounddevices.com/a-15pin-installation/