A20-Mini Firmware v1.10

Download v1.10

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Mini firmware with the latest version of A20-Remote. 


  • A20-Remote now indicates when A20-Mini is powered off and holding timecode.


  • ID Mode now flashes all blue LEDs (except the Audio LED). 


  • Improved Bluetooth connection and disconnection process.
  • ID Mode is now always available from A20-Remote, even when the A20-Mini is powered off.
  • Rare events where A20-Mini didn’t power off completely even though it looked like it did no longer occur.
  • A20-Mini timecode LEDs now stop flashing to indicate timecode has been reset to zero.
  • Rare events where A20-Mini RF transmission could not be received by A10-RX no longer occur.