A20-Mini Firmware v2.00

Download Firmware v2.00

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Mini firmware with the latest version of A20-Remote. 


  • Support for A20-Remote group powering and recording. Allows for control of power on, power off, record, and stop of all transmitters or custom groups.
  • New “LEDs” menu via A20-Remote. Provides options for turning the A20-Mini LEDs on and off. 
  • New “Resume record state upon powering on” option via A20-Remote. When active, the A20-Mini automatically resumes recording if the transmitter was recording when last powered down.


  • Jamming timecode while in record mode now begins a new WAV file stamped with the jammed timecode value.  


  • Fixed issue where batteries could drain when A20-Mini was left connected to a timecode source or a powered off PowerStation-8M. 
  • All A20-Mini transmitters inserted in a PowerStation-8M now reliably mount as mass storage devices to a computer. 
  • Fixed issues where timecode could get out of sync.
  • Rare events where A20-Mini goes unresponsive after disconnecting USB-C without first ejecting from the computer no longer occur.