A20-Nexus v1.10 Firmware

Download v1.10

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Mini with the latest version of A20-Remote and A20-Nexus


  • Added support for Dante at 96 kHz.  
  • Added RF warning and overload indicators to web app.


  • The correct tuning bands are now shown for Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • RF Menu > RF History now auto-refreshes on A20-Nexus when changed from the web app. 
  • A20-Nexus 1RX View > Gear menu now shows the correct A20-Mini firmware version after updating the Mini’s firmware. 
  • A system date/time issue that was causing the Time Zone and Daylight Savings settings to behave incorrectly has been fixed. After applying this update, users should check and reset the A20-Nexus date and time using the Date/Time button on the System menu.