A20-Nexus v1.20 Firmware

Download Firmware v1.20

Important: After installing the firmware, it is essential that A20-Minis are unpaired, then re-paired with the A20-Nexus. 

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Nexus with the latest version of A20-Mini. 


  • Added AutoAssign which automatically scans the current tuning band for clean frequencies and assigns them to multiple channels. The clean frequencies are automatically pushed to NexLinked transmitters. 
  • Support for the 4-channel expansion license. Purchase one license to expand the A20-Nexus to 12 channels and two licenses to expand to 16 channels. 
  • Support for rental of 1 week and 30-day 4-channel expansion licenses. Two licenses can be installed for 8-channel rental. 
  • Added the ability to globally power all transmitters on or off from the TX List. 


  • DC Outs are now enabled when docked to 8-series. Maximum 3W per DC Out. 
  • 1RX View navigation bar in screen three now persists when a NexLink status message is displayed. 
  • In the 1RX View frequency popup, “Off” changed to “RX Off” to indicate a disabled receive channel.  
  • In the 1RX View RF Power button, “Off” changed to “RF Off” to indicate zero RF transmit power. 


  • General performance improvements and bug fixes for Nexus and the web app.