A20-Nexus v1.40 Firmware

Download v1.40

Important: After installing the firmware, it is essential that A20-Minis are unpaired, then re-paired with the A20-Nexus. 

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of A20-Nexus with the latest version of A20-Mini. 


  • Added a Tone Generator with adjustable level 
  • Added ‘Show Audio Off Warnings’ toggle in System Menu page 2. When the toggle is off, the A20-Nexus does not show warnings that audio will stop when switching Tuning Bands and when switching to Scan mode. 
  • Added transmitter mute status to the 4RX, 8RX and All Views 
  • Added combined Rec/Mute icon (blue circle with red border) in the 4RX, 8RX and All Views and Web App overview screen to indicate when a transmitter is simultaneously recording and muted.  


  • Added Polarity confirmation popup to prevent accidental polarity changes in 1RX view. 
  • Web app Audio and Q meters moved to mimic their position in the A20-Nexus OLED screens. 
  • Audio metering range for A20-Mini received audio signal changed to –100 to 0 dBFS to better scale to the wide dynamic range of GainForward. 


  • Faster communication with the Wisycom LFA smart antenna. 
  • When set to ‘Never’, the Screensaver no longer comes on after several hours. 
  • Various Nexus and Web app improvements  
  • Received audio signal from an A10-TX in LR mode is now at the correct level. 
  • A10-TX audio metering level is now displayed correctly.