Legacy Approved Media – PIX 220i/220, PIX 240i/240

The following is a list of  approved storage devices for use with PIX 220i/220, PIX 240i/240 video recorders.

The specific mechanisms and drives below have been extensively tested by Sound Devices. This list is regularly updated as new drives are tested.

2.5″ SSD

960 GBSanDiskExtreme PRO
480 GBOWCMercury Extreme Pro 6G
480 GBOWCMercury Electra 3G
240 GBOWCMercury Extreme Pro 6G
240 GBOWCMercury Electra 3G
240 GBCorsairForce Series GT (SATA III)

2.5″ HDD


1 TB
HGST7K1000 Travelstar (7200rpm)
750 GBHGST7K750 Travelstar (7200rpm)

Discontinued Media

This table contains media approved/tested by Sound Devices, but is no longer readily available for online purchase.

2.5″ SSD

480 GBIntel530
480 GBSanDiskExtreme II
480 GBIntel520
256 GBSamsung830 Series
256 GBSamsung840 Pro Series
240 GBIntel 520
240 GBIntel 530
240 GBSanDiskExtreme II
240 GBSanDiskSanDisk Ultra
240 GBSanDiskSanDisk Extreme

2.5″ HDD

500 GBWestern DigitalWD5000BPKT

CF Cards

32 GBSanDiskExtreme Pro UDMA 6 90MB/s
16 GBSanDiskExtreme Pro UDMA 6 90MB/s