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Wylie Stateman

Wylie Stateman Saddles Up With Sound Devices 788T For The Academy Award-Nominated Film Django Unchained.

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Alex Riordan

Versatile Gear Holds Up to the Rigors of STARZ Series’ Busy Production Schedule

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DPA Crew recording on a cigarette boat

John Fasal

Film audio professionals record the sounds of Bangkok for the Hangover Part II, using Sound Devices 788T.

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The 788t in it's underwater housing

Timo Klinge

Sound Devices 788T uncovers the sounds of the sea in surround for the documentary The Cannon Crackers of the Pistol Shrimp.

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Ronan Hill

Emmy Award Winning Production Sound Mixer Casts Sound Devices for Game of Thrones.

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Mike Bettes

Lead meteorologist for The Weather Channel takes Sound Devices 302 along for a wild ride into the heart of Tornado Alley.

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