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Casey Driessen

American five string fiddle player Casey Driessen discusses his globetrotting journey to capture once-in-a-lifetime performances of traditional, regional music on his MixPre-6.

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Pius Fatoke

Sound Devices interviewed location sound mixer Pius Fatoke on choosing the right Sound Devices gear for the job and the meteoric rise of the Nigerian film industry.

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“Autumn” was shot as an improvised, live-to-air event between The Third Day “Summer” and “Winter” miniseries. SoundCatchers’ George Precious and Paul Cameron served as location sound mixers and relied on the flexibility of the Scorpio and A10 Digital Wireless System to get the job done.

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GongYao Wang

Sound Devices spoke with location sound mixer GongYao Wang about the routing power of his 833 and SL-2 combo, his passion for sound design and the art and science of audio.

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Matt Brodnick

Sound Devices spoke with Matt Brodnick to learn how he chooses the right Sound Devices mixer-recorder for the job, and the technical and cultural differences of filming on both sides of the Pacific.

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Michael Bach

Bach Plays Dead, a solo acoustic tribute to the music of the Grateful Dead, is the passion project of lifelong Deadhead and professional musician, Michael Bach. Sound Devices spoke to Bach about the process of arranging for a solo artist, reimagining great tunes and his reliance on the MixPre-6.

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