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Allan Holmberg

Location Sound Mixer Allan Holmberg reflects on his start in location sound, the power of the Scorpio and getting audio right the first time.

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John Rodda

For a feature-rich setup, CAS, AMPS and BAFTA winner John Rodda employs the Sound Devices Scorpio and Audio Limited A10 System.

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Deian Humphreys

Production sound mixer Deian Humphreys AMPS discusses Dr. Who, the importance of great relationships on set, and how Scorpio has become the centerpiece of his dream location sound setup.

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Boris Alekseev

Classical music recordist/engineer Boris Alekseev relies on the portability and superb sound quality of the MixPre-10M to capture the intimate nuances of a live orchestra.

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Jonathan Wyatt

Jonathan Wyatt, AMPS, relied solely on the Audio Limited A10 System to capture the finer points of dialogue for BBC and HBO’s hit series “Gentleman Jack.”

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Jack Kennedy

Musician and producer Jack Kennedy relied on the MixPre-10T’s portability, durability and easy-to-use interface to capture the resurgence of music in newly liberated Iraq.

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