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Andrew Chugg

Brooklyn-based podcast producer and sound designer Andrew Chugg uses his MixPre-6, MixPre-10T, and HX-3s to juggle last-minute podcast guests and lets the limiters handle the laughter.

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Bastwick Audio

Specialist sound team Bastwick Audio used their versatile A10 Digital Wireless System on-talent, on-boom, as wireless hops, and as remote recorders during a seven-day trek to the peak of Kilimanjaro.

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Jon Kalish

Veteran journalist Jon Kalish uses high-quality recordings from his MixPre-6 to work remotely for major radio networks.

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Marc Urselli

Grammy-award winning Marc Urselli uses his portable and lightweight MixPre-6 and MixPre-10T for capturing live shows without having to worry about interrupted recording.

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Mat Adams

Location sound recordist Mat Adams trusts the durability and reliability of his 688, SL-6 and A10 Digital Wireless System for on-location, remote and complex unscripted television productions.

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Ichsan Rachmaditta

Indonesian production sound mixer Ichsan Rachmaditta uses his 688 and SL-6 with Dugan AutoMix for clean master tracks in noisy environments and separately recorded ISOs.

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