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Petr Forejt

Petr Forejt, CAS

Sound Devices 688/SL-6 and Audio Limited’s A10 Digital Wireless System are the heart of Czech sound mixer’s setup for Amazon’s upcoming dramatic series, Carnival Row.

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Photo Credit: Amazon - A Prime Original image for Long Strange Trip documentary

David Silberberg

Sound recordist for the Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip looks back on his own professional sound career and what role Sound Devices played in his success.

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Liam Gilchrist

Liam Gilchrist

Aspiring sound mixer looks to take the next step in his career after investing in the Sound Devices MixPre-10T.

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Heligoland Island in the North Sea

RemOs2 Underwater Observatory

Underwater observatory takes Sound Devices USBPre 2 on a deep dive to record hydrophone signals off the coast of Germany.

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Devendra Cleary

Devendra Cleary, CAS

Production sound mixer, Devendra Cleary, CAS, lives out his dream on the set of The Last Man on Earth.

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Selfie at the Dunes in Jalapao Brazil

Jeff Deeth

Production sound mixer, Jeff Deeth, survives extreme production locales for Discovery’s Naked and Afraid series with his trusted, robust “tiny little mixer” — the Sound Devices 633. Selfie taken at The Dunes in Jalapao Brazil Minneapolis, MN – Production sound mixer, Jeff Deeth’s unique journey into the audio entertainment industry began simply with a love […]

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