Libby, Matt, & Lisa /// Joining the Audiotonix group

“Over time, many wonderful people have come and gone, and the Engineering group has expanded far beyond just me and Libby Koomar. One notable person who came into the SD fold back in 2006 was Lisa Wiedenfeld, our very hardworking CFO/HR/Manufacturing head. Without her, we would have never grown to where we are today. In 2021, we decided to sell Sound Devices to Audiotonix, and things have never been better – truly a match made in heaven. Many people have asked me “how’s it going with Audiotonix?”, and the answer is always the same: “Fantastic!” James Gordon & the gang at Audiotonix are amazingly hands-off in that we’ve been left alone to design, build, market and sell products like we’ve always done, but with many more engineering, financial, sales, and marketing resources at our disposal. It’s the best vibe we’ve ever had in the company – we are working on many new products, and having a lot of fun at the same time. I feel grateful to say that after all this time, I remain here, as active and engaged as ever. Along with Lisa and Libby (and dozens of other truly incredible coworkers), I feel fortunate to run this fantastic company, and on a daily basis do what I truly love – design products. In the rest of this series, I will focus on the individual products that we’ve made, and my memories from designing them.”