Marc Urselli

3-time Grammy Award winning engineer, producer, mixer, sound designer and front of house engineer Marc Urselli has worked with world-renowned artists such as U2, Foo Fighters, Sting, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, Kesha, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, and Les Paul. 

“I loved engineering the Les Paul and Friends album, for which I won 2 Grammy Awards. It was produced by Fran Cathcart and Bob Cutarella and it brought together people like Sting, Joss Stone, Sam Cooke, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, Buddy Guy and so many other greats paying tribute to (and duetting with) the 90 year old Les Paul, the inventor of the solid body electric guitar but also of multi-track recording, chorus, flanger and so many other things.” 

“My workflow has changed through the years, improving with experience, but it doesn’t change so much from genre to genre, it changes from artist to artist because every artist has their preferences and working methods and it’s my job to make the artist feel comfortable, taken care of and creative.” 

Urselli appreciates that he can use his MixPre-6 with or without a computer. 

“I’ve used the MixPre mostly to record live shows. I have captured both board feeds as well as recorded the concert with microphones. I loved having the iPhone app to monitor levels and duration. Killer feature! Multi-tracking live shows without having to use a computer is an amazing feature. Less stuff to carry, less stuff to worry about and no concerns of interrupted recordings.” 

“I am very interested in field recordings and so the fact that the MixPre was designed to be portable, small, light and even battery-powered is a great asset for that kind of work. I do also like to be able to use it as a DAW interface and since I rely heavily on Pro Tools for my productions the fact that I can use it with my DAW of choice was definitely a huge plus.” 

“I got into recording when I was about 16 and I wanted to record my band’s rehearsals. The first thing I did was buy some cheap mics and what would now look like an ancient mixer. I wish I had a picture of that. It’s museum quality!”

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