New downloadable MixPre Series-inspired wallpaper for your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Check out our latest MixPre Series artwork featuring the popular Sound Devices Science & Art logo! Engineering may be our calling card, but products like the MixPre-3, MixPre-6, and MixPre-10M inspire us creatively as well! Anyone from sound recordist to musician will appreciate this design, which pays homage to vintage Rock n’ Roll posters.

iPhone MixPre psychedelic wallpaper

We’ve created a few wallpaper designs for desktop, laptop and mobile devices, so feel free to download any and all of the them to liven up your backgrounds! The Science & Art wallpaper is a nice reminder that every time you pick up a MixPre is an opportunity to create something.

MixPre wallpaper vertical

Vertical Downloads

MixPre Science & Art wallpaper for Android, iPhone and iPad.

MixPre wallpaper horizontal

Horizontal Downloads

MixPre Science & Art wallpaper for Desktop and Laptop Computers.