New downloadable MixPre Series-inspired wallpaper for your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Check out our latest MixPre Series artwork featuring the popular Sound Devices Science & Art logo! Engineering may be our calling card, but products like the MixPre-3 & MixPre-6 inspire us creatively as well! Anyone from sound recordist to musician will appreciate this design, which pays homage to vintage Rock n’ Roll posters.

iPhone MixPre psychedelic wallpaper

We’ve created a few wallpaper designs for desktop, laptop and mobile devices, so feel free to download any and all of the them to liven up your backgrounds! The Science & Art wallpaper is a nice reminder that every time you pick up a MixPre is an opportunity to create something.

MixPre wallpaper vertical

Vertical Downloads

MixPre Science & Art wallpaper for Android, iPhone and iPad.

MixPre wallpaper horizontal

Horizontal Downloads

MixPre Science & Art wallpaper for Desktop and Laptop Computers.