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788T Linking with Multiple 7-Series Recorders

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788T firmware revision 2.10 introduced the ability to link multiple 788T recorders for simultaneous, synchronous recording. It also allows linking the 788T with other Sound Devices 7-Series recorders including the 702, 702T, 722 and 744T. This is ideal for applications requiring higher track counts or synchronized backups. Important considerations for successful multi-unit linking include:

788T Firmware v2.10

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New Multi-unit linking via C.Link connection to lock word clock, time code, and transport with other 7-Series recorders. Support for editing metadata in Wave Agent (1.15) Control Mode. Changed The message that is displayed when firmware has been updated successfully is changed to “Press [check-mark symbol] to power down and finish update” Fixed Bug where […]

788T Firmware v2.00

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New Support for the CL-9 Linear Fader Controller Single band parametric EQ for each input (CL-9 only; not available at SR > 48048 Hz) Variable pan for each input into the LR mix tracks (CL-9 only) Track and output soloing (CL-9 only) Output muting (CL-9 only) Slate can be routed to any track or output […]

552 or 7-Series Recorder?

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The introduction of the 552 mixer brings a powerful new feature to field mixers, a high-quality integrated audio recorder. It is unquestionably convenient to have a built-in recorder with a field mixer. With the addition of its recorder, one question that comes up is whether the 552 can be substituted in place of a 7-Series […]

Track-to-Media Assignments Introduced in 788T Firmware 1.71

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Firmware revision 1.71 for the 788T/788T-SSD recorders introduces powerful new control over the selection of recording tracks sent to recording media. Any recording track, from the 12 available, can be recorded to any recording media (CompactFlash, internal drive, or external FireWire drive). This means that each of the available recording media can be recorded with […]