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NiMH Rechargeable Batteries with Sound Devices Portable Products

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Rechargeable AA batteries for internal powering of pro audio gear have historically been poor performers. Alkaline primary cells, and more recently Li-ion cells, are usually the preferred cell chemistry. Fortunately, battery chemistries have evolved — in some applications there is actually a runtime advantage when using the newer NiMH rechargeable batteries with portable gear versus […]

Oscillation with Transformer-Balanced Inputs

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Condition Depending on several conditions, chiefly the microphone, the transformer-balanced inputs, such as those on the 302, 442, MixPre, MM-1, MP-1, and MP2, can get into an oscillating condition with a microphone that renders the audio unusable. This oscillation is often described as a “motorboating” condition since this low frequency oscillation sounds like a motor […]

Linking Sound Devices 302 and 442 Mixers

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Sound Devices MixPre, 302, and 442 mixers are designed to link directly with each other using a single cable. The Mix In connection on the 302 and 442 is directly compatible with the Mix Out/Tape Out connections on the MixPre, 302, and 442. When linked, one mixer becomes the master and the other the “auxiliary”.