Pius Fatoke

SD: How did you get started in location sound? 

I got into the production industry as a camera assistant. After a while I noticed how few people were in the sound department and this aroused my interest in the field so I decided to go for it.  

What gear are you currently using? 

I’m currently using the Sound Devices 888 although I also own a Sound Devices MixPre-10 II and MixPre-6. 

When do you decide to use the 888 vs the MixPre-10 II? 

The size of a production and the budget would determine if I will be using the 888 or the MixPre. Once I get the script for a project, I do the breakdown of scenes and characters then I will decide which mixer I’ll be using. 

What made you choose Sound Devices? 

I chose Sound Devices because not only do they make quality and durable equipment, their devices are easy to use. I believe Sound Devices preamps are much better than other mixers I’ve used. 

What has been the most challenging project you’ve ever worked on? Why? 

Every job has its own challenge but the most challenging project I’ve worked on was Tatu. On this set we had to work with a lot of cast members while shooting in different remote locations. With my equipment and team we were able to pull it off and even won the award for “Best Sound” from the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. 

What trends do you see coming in location sound? 

The trend I see coming in location sound is being able to integrate your mixer with your smart devices like phones and tablets through the use of apps, also having applications like NoiseAssist that can cut down on background noise. 

Tell us about Nollywood.  

The Nigerian film industry, popularly called Nollywood, is the second largest movie industry in the world in terms of volume of films produced. The industry over the last decade has really grown in terms of quality of production as well as the storytelling. Because of its growth, Nollywood is getting more recognition from other parts of the world leading to more collaborations with other film industries and production companies. You’ll find a lot of Nollywood films on Netflix as Netflix originals and also being showcased in various renowned film festivals. 

The major change I have seen in Nollywood has to be in the technical development. Compared to few years ago, more emphasis is now placed on the technical aspect of filmmaking as well as sound. People are realizing how important good sound is to the success of any film project. 

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