The CL-12 linear fader controller significantly expands the mixing capability of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line.

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Input Controller for 688 and 664 Field Mixers. Adds dedicated front panel controls for inputs 7-12 of the 688 and 664 mixer. Also offers LED output meters and additional recording controls.

A powerful mixing control surface for the 788T-SSD (or discontinued 788T). Rotary faders for each of the recorder's eight inputs plus input routing and input setting control. Mounts to the 7-Series recorder or can be used remotely. Connects via USB with a USB keyboard passthrough.

The CL-9 Linear Fader Controller is a dedicated mixing surface for the 788T-SSD (or discontinued 788T). With the addition of a CL-9, the already powerful recorder becomes a complete mixer / recording system, perfect for audio capture in sound-for-picture and music-oriented productions.

The PIX-DOCK is designed for use with the PIX CADDY and PIX-CADDY 2. PIX-DOCK will work with PIX CADDY connected to SATA I/II drives. PIX-DOCK will work with PIX-CADDY 2 connected to SATA I/II/III Drives.

Rack-mount dual PIX-CADDY drive bay for the PIX 260i or PIX 270i. The PIX-DRIVE BAY connects to the 970, PIX 260i or PIX 270i with two attached 21” eSATAp cables. This 1/2-rack, 2U chassis requires a PIX-RACK kit for mounting.

The SL-6 powering and wireless system simplifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting three dual-channel slot-in receivers.

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The WM-Connect is a required hardware accessory for the 6-Series mixer/recorder line that enables control of the mixers from the Sound Devices Wingman wireless interface app on Android or iOS mobile devices.

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The XL-SATA Drive Interface provides an internal connection to 2.5-inch SATA (serial ATA) drives for 722 and 744T models originally equipped with PATA / IDE internal hard drives. Drive not included.


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