Wingman is an iOS or Android-based application that, when paired with the WM-Connect Bluetooth Smart® USB dongle from Sound Devices, provides remote control access to key functionality on any 6-Series mixer/recorder.

Wingman iOS application

With Wingman, sound mixers gain touchscreen control of audio recording, metadata entry, and sound report creation & distribution. The application will be available as a free download from Sound Devices.

Wingman requires the WM-Connect hardware accessory, iOS v8.0 or later on the mobile device or Android v5.0 or later, and the upgrade of 6-Series firmware to v4.00 or later on the mixer. The WM-Connect uses Bluetooth Smart technology and comes with a right-angle USB A-to-B adapter and USB A-to-B cable adapter to connect to the 6-Series USB port or a CL-12's USB keyboard port.

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