TIPTORIAL: How to Properly Calibrate on a 6-Series
Here is another quick and easy tiptorial on how to calibrate your faders/pans on the 6-Series. Enjoy!
TIPTORIAL: Editing Your Headphone Preset List
Happy Friday! We would like to help kick off your weekend with another Tiptorial. This time, we are showing you a way to customize your Headphone Preset List on the 6-Series in just a few easy steps.
TIPTORIAL: Handy Trim Gain Shortcut for the 6-Series
For our first ever Tiptorial, we are bringing you a sweet trim gain shortcut for our 6-series, which we believe you will find very useful if you haven't already!
IPS IBC 2016 Episode 06 Sound Devices
IPS - INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL SOUND The Organization for sound Professionals Check our website: http://ips.org.uk/ Find us at IBC SHOW 2016 in Amsterdam Sound advice when you need it wherever you are... Be part of our sound community SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE ;) With Paul Isaacs - Director of product management & design
Introducing Wingman for the 6-Series
Hey all, SD users! We know you heard all the great news about our new Wingman iOS remote control option for the 6-Series mixer/recorder and wanted to show you front and center how the Wingman works with our WM-Connect hardware accessory, which is now available for purchase at any of our audio resellers! The Wingman app is also available to download for free from Apple's App Store. More info here: http://www.sounddevices.com/news/sound-devices-news/new-wingman-app-for-the-6-series-debuts-at-ibc http://www.sounddevices.com/products/mixers-with-integrated-recorders/633/6-series-wingman
Remote Control Sound Devices 6-Series & 788T recorder with a Master Lockit
With Firmware 4.1, we integrate remote functionality for the renowned Sound Devices 633, 664, 688, and 788T into the Master Lockit's capabilities. The new Remote Control Tab in the Master Lockit's web interface provides wireless access to the most important recorder functions including: Record Start / Stop Track Naming Track Arming Metadata entry for the current and upcoming clip Circle & Waste Clip Track Metering (with the 788T) Access to the metadata of the last clips Audio Professionals can also combine the added control of Master Lockit along with CL-12/ Alaia Linear Fader Controllers as they perform seamlessly together for even more powerful control of 6-Series Recorders. As Lockit functions are available through the Timecode and ACN Radar tabs, it has never been easier to focus on the ever-important audio recording while simultaneously controlling timecode and monitoring battery status of all ACN devices on the set. www.ambient.de/en
#MovieSlate app - Sync with Sound Devices 6-Series Recorders
#MovieSlate app - Remotely control and sync data with Sound Devices 6-Series Recorders
Master Lockit - Sound Devices 6-Series, 788T MasterLockit Integration
We are very proud to announce Master Lockit functionality to Sound Devices 6-Series Mixer / Recorders and 788T Recorders.  After integrating popular cameras into the ACN timecode and metadata system, we now expand the Master Lockit functionality to the audio world with the all new ACN-ML firmware 4.1. This new free-of-charge firmware upgrade delivers powerful remote-control functionality for these popular Sound Devices Mixers / Recorders right into the Master Lockit's web interface, while ingesting audio take metadata into the ACN. Thanks to our collaboration with Sound Devices, ACN-ML Firmware 4.1 fully integrates the audio recorder into the ACN Timecode System with zero-drift Continuous Jam and comprehensive TC control. www.ambient.de
Why the Pros Choose Sound Devices
We reached out to some of the best and brightest in the production sound industry for some straight-talk Q&A. No scripts, no paid endorsements. We just wanted to find out, in their own words, why they choose Sound Devices gear for their work. Their responses were incredible. Special thanks to each of the talented sound professionals who generously took part in this video. Your achievements in sound for television, gaming, and motion picture are a true source of inspiration, and we are truly honored by your support. Credits: • Devendra Cleary, CAS • Thomas Curley, CAS • Sharon Frye • Daniel S. McCoy, CAS • Edward L. Moskowitz, CAS • Phillip W. Palmer, CAS • Dave Ruddick • Watson Wu
Sound Devices 633: Why Do Pros Use Gear Like This?
Because I love sound and am aiming to take on more jobs as a mixer, I recently bought the Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder. This is a much more capable mixer and recorder than my previous recorders including the Zoom F8, the Tascam DR-60DmkII, and others. The Sound Devices will be my primary recorder and the Zoom F8 my backup recorder. One question I’ve heard several times, and indeed, a question I’ve asked myself is, why does a mixer/recorder like the 633 cost so much more than something like a Tascam DR-60DmkII. Why $3000 more?! In this episode, we cover some of the features on the 633 that make it the type of device that professional sound recordists and mixers choose. If you’d like to improve your sound recording skills for film, please have a look at our Sound Recording for Video course over at http://school.learnlightandsound.com Visit us at http://learnlightandsound.com for more updates on how to improve your lighting and sound for video. Also be sure to subscribe to g...
Connecting the CL-12 to the 633 or 664
Sound Devices released firmware v2.11, which expanded support of the CL-12 linear fader controller to include the 633 and 664 mixer/recorders. Previously released to integrate with the 688, the CL-12 now supports the entire line of 6-Series mixer/recorders. CL-12 setup for the 633 or 664 differs from the 688. This video walks users through the quick and easy process of connecting a 633 or 664 to a CL-12. To watch more videos on the CL-12, click the following playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKpAunZPiGRnhbWuQRmkjNL331mCz6415
Forcing Power Off: 633 & 688
In the unlikely event that you need to manually force a complete shutdown of either the 633 or 688, this video demonstrates how to by-pass the PowerSafe and QuickBoot features.
What is Time Code - Overview of Time Code for Sound and Picture
We take a brief look at the basics of time code and multi-device synchronization with audio and video recorders.
Sound Devices 633 - Inputs and Outputs Overview
Take a closer look at the inputs, outputs, and recording capability of the 633.
633 Powering Overview
Jesse takes a look at the powering options on the 633 mixer.
Sound Devices 633 Introduction Video
Sound Devices introduces the 633 Compact Production Mixer. It offers six-inputs and 10-tracks of recording to SD and CompactFlash cards.
Sound Devices 633 Time Code and Metadata
This brief video explores the time code and metadata available on the 633 mixer.
Sound Devices Wave Agent 1.20 Overview
Wave Agent is Sound Devices Mac OS and Windows WAV file utility. It offers multi-track playback (up to 32-tracks), metadata editing, and poly/mono split/combine utilities.