Front Panel

Front Panel
  • Coarse channel gain (trim) control
  • Channel fader
  • Two-position high-pass filter switch
  • Channel limiter activity LED
  • Channel peak activity LED
  • Pan switch, left, center, right
  • Limiter activation switch, dual-mono or stereo link
  • 40-segment tri-color LED output meter
  • Headphone volume control
  • Power LED shows green on power; flashes when power is low
  • Power switch selects internal AA-batteries or external DC
  • Meter illumination brightness switch
  • Meter ballistics toggle switch
  • Battery check switch
  • Slate mic / tone oscillator switch

Input Panel

Input Panel
  • Transformer-balanced mic/line XLR input
  • Mic / line input sensitivity switch
  • Phantom, dynamic, or T powering switch
  • 48 V or 12 V global phantom voltage
  • 3.5 mm TRS headphone output connector

Output Panel

Output Panel
  • Active-balanced line level ouput (user adjustable to mic or attenuated levels)
  • Tape Out / Mix Out connection on TA3 connector - duplicate of program audio
  • Monitor return input on 3.5 mm TRS unbalanced input (also functions as input 4/5 connector)
  • Monitor return input level (also functions as input 4/5 level control)
  • Mix In connection input to link a MixPre, 442, or another 302
  • Input 4/5 enable LED indicates that Monitor return functions as inputs 4/5
  • Ouput Attenuation LED indicates that XLR output level attenuated from Line level
  • Battery tube - holds 3 AA batteries
  • External DC input for 5 - 17 VDC