Front Panel

Front Panel
  • Switched gain for microphone preamp,
  • Two-position high-pass filter,
  • Switched peak limiter,
  • LED for limiter or peak indication,
  • Variable level control for monitor signal,
  • Headphone volume control,
  • Headphone output on 1/4-inch connector,
  • Power LED shows green on power and red when batteries are low,
  • Power switch selects batteries or external DC,
  • Protective metal end rails and belt clip.

Back Panel

Back Panel
  • Transformer-balanced microphone input,
  • Transformer-balanced line level output,
  • Monitor source input on TRS 1/4-inch, balanced connector,
  • 48 V or 12 V phantom,
  • Phantom, dynamic, or T power,
  • Battery compartment, two AA,
  • External 5 - 17 V DC power.