MixPre Series Audio Samples

Sound Devices recorded a series of audio samples with the MixPre-6 audio recorder. Click by category to listen to each sample or to download the uncompressed, high bitrate .WAV file.

Guitar | Vocals | Band | Piano | Drums | Sound FX | Field Recording


All guitars by Chris Mittlesteadt recorded to the MixPre-6. Equipment used: Nylon string - Taylor NS74CE, Steel string - Taylor 814CE, AKG C414XLII set to cardioid 4-inches above bridge, Shure KSM 137 4-inches above 12th fret. Low Cut was set at 80Hz with Limiters off. No post-processing.


"Heart Afire" vocals and piano by Shawndell Marks. AKG C414XLII set to cardioid +38dB gain on mic pre 4-inches from mouth with Low Cut at 120Hz, Limiters off. No post-processing.

Live Band

Patsy Cline's classic song "Crazy" was performed by The Good Karma Quartet and recorded on the MixPre-6. Shawndell Marks - Vocals on Neumann KMS105; Joe McCloskey - Upright Bass on Fishman Full Circle Pickup; Paul Isaacs - Piano on Schoeps CMC6/MK4 stereo spaced pair; Chris Mittlesteadt - Guitar on SM57 at grille of Tweed Deluxe amp. Reverb and gentle compression was added in post-processing.


"Piano" was recorded by Shawndell Marks with a MixPre-6 and Rode NT4 microphone. The MixPre was set Low Cut at 40Hz, +35dB gain on mic pre 6-inches above strings, centered on soundboard with Limiters off. All other piano samples were recorded by Paul Isaacs on a Yamaha C7 grand piano, lid up, small living room, 12x30x9 feet (WxLxH). Recorded with the MixPre-6 using a pair of DPA 4099P mics placed at various distances from piano ranging from 1-foot to 3-feet. No post-processing.


Drums by Isaac Mittlesteadt. Equipment used: Kick - Shure Beta 91, inside shell, 3-inches from beater head; Snare - Shure SM57, 2-inches off rim, 45deg. Angle; Overheads - Crown SASS MKII at 6-inches centered above kit facing drummer. Limiters off on the MixPre-6. No post-processing.

Sound FX – Firearms

All weapons recorded on MixPre-6. Firearms used: Glenfield model 60 .22 LR rifle; Remington 700 .270 rifle; Ruger .44 Magnum carbine rifle; Winchester model 1200 12-gauge shotgun. The MixPre-6 was set Low Cut at 80Hz, stereo linked channels with a Rode NT4 microphone, 2-feet from each chamber, +25dB gain on the mic pre with Limiters on. No post-processing.

Field Recording

Nature sounds recorded at 5:00 AM CST using the MixPre-6. First recording Low Cut was set at 80Hz, stereo linked channels with a Rode NT4 microphone, +65dB gain on the mic pre with Limiters off. "Front Porch Birds" was recorded using a pair of DPA 4099P mics. No post-processing.