MixPre-10T with Musician Plugin showing Plugin screen


The studio-grade Musician Plugin adds a new dimension of recording capabilities, by bringing the essence of computer-based music production software to the MixPre Series.

With the Musician plugin activated, the MixPre-3, -6 and -10T recorders gain the following musician-inspired features.

  • Track Laying/Overdubbing up to 12 tracks without a DAW
  • Track Bouncing to free up even more tracks
  • Automatic or manual Punch In/Out
  • Effects: Reverb & Vocal Air
  • Digital patchbay for easy input-to-track routing
  • Built-in & configurable Metronome
  • Streamlined workflow in a DAW with Import/Render for easy song sharing & collaboration

MixPre Series Compatibility

Model: MixPre-3 MixPre-6 MixPre-10T
Total Tracks 12 12 12
Max Tracks At Once 3 6 8
Effects: Reverb & Vocal Air
Punch In/Out
Render (Export)
  Stereo Mix (.wav or .aac)
  Multichannel (.wav)
MixPre-6 with Musician Plugin showing New Project screen

Sold separately for $99, the Musician Plugin is available for purchase and download from Sound Devices' Plugin Store.
Note: While this plugin may be purchased from a smartphone, the plugin must be downloaded from the online store to a computer or SD card in a computer, in order for the plugin to be installed onto the MixPre.

Get it now from the Sound Devices Plugin Store!