Wireless Remote Control for the MixPre Series

The free Wingman app from Sound Devices gives you convenient remote control via your Android or iOS device. Work smarter and faster with the large, touch-screen interface and fast access to key MixPre features:

Audio Projects:

  • View meters, timecode & framerate
  • Remotely start/stop audio recordings
  • Quickly arm/disarm tracks
  • Enter and edit metadata
  • Tap touch screen to undo last recorded file

Music Projects:

  • View meters
  • Remotely record/stop/playback music recordings
  • Quickly arm/disarm tracks

Switch Between Multiple Devices

Wingman will display all Wingman-enabled devices within range. Switch easily and efficiently from one device to another from within the app. For increased security, you can set a Wingman password on the recorder, so a login is required when connecting with Wingman.

Wingman is compatible with:

  • Smartphones and tablets running Android v5.0 or later
  • iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS v9.0 or later
  • MixPre-3, MixPre-3M, MixPre-6, MixPre-6M, MixPre-10T, and MixPre-10M
  • Sound Devices 633, 664, and 668 with the WM-Connect

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