RF/EMC Compliance and Design Engineer – Watford, England

Position: RF/EMC Compliance and Design Support Engineer 

Full/Part Time: Full Time 

Location: Watford, UK 

Reports to: Director of Engineering  

Sound Devices is looking for an experienced RF/Electronics Compliance Engineer to join our R&D team at our Audio Ltd. location in Watford, UK.  

If you’ve watched a film or episodic series made in the past twenty years, you’ve heard audio recorded on Sound Devices equipment. Our products have been used in high-profile movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, La La Land, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Trek: Into the Darkness, Deadpool, and beloved episodic series including Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Squid Game, Gentleman Jack, Cutthroat Kitchen, Black Mirror, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, Top Gear, and many more. Sound Devices equipment is also used for sports and news broadcast, academic research, podcasting, streaming and recording music – just to name a few applications! 

At Sound Devices, you’ll help advance technology in the entertainment industry by overseeing the testing of all products to obtain CE, ETSI, FCC, and other relevant regulatory approvals. In between testing and certification work, you will help support the development and design of RF circuitry. 


  • BSc degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Engineering Physics or related field of study. 
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in RF development and/or testing. 
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills and follow-through. 
  • Knowledge of various compliance standards such as: CE standards, IEC 62368-1, EN 300 422, FCC Part 15, etc. 
  • Strong work ethic and curiosity. 

Responsibilities & Duties:  

  • Liase with RF/EMC/Safety Compliance test house. 
  • Attend RF/EMC/Safety Compliance testing when necessary to help with the testing of products. Periodic travel will be required. 
  • Troubleshoot test failures and find solutions so units pass testing.  
  • Compile RF/EMC/Safety test reports. 
  • Maintain structured, well-organized archive of RF/EMC/Safety test results and standards.  
  • Perform pre-compliance scans of products to characterize RF emissions and susceptibility.  
  • Stay up to date on various test standards from ETSI, FCC, IEC, and serve as a resource for the rest of the organization. 
  • Interface with Sales group to learn about new certifications/standards being requested by various countries. 
  • Advise Engineering group on design of circuitry and enclosures from an RF/EMC/Safety standpoint. 
  • Evaluate new RF/EMC/Safety components as suitable alternatives. 
  • Assist with design of RF and power supply circuitry. 

To apply for this position: please send your cover letter and resume via email to [email protected] with the name of the position for which you are applying. No telephone inquiries please. 

Company Background 

Sound Devices creates and manufactures professional audio and RF equipment that helps sound professionals capture the most pristine audio in the world. We design, assemble, and support our products at our headquarters in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, and our offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and Watford, UK.