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MixPre Firmware 7.15

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Fixed Last digit of the elapsed record time no longer displays incorrectly when the recording is longer than one hour.  Take numbers are now correctly reset to 001 if the take name is changed and the MixPre is power cycled before recording.  Loud pop in the headphone monitor no longer occurs when entering playback while […]

MixPre Firmware 7.14

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New Added 100 Hz Low Cut Filter option. Fixed Gain ranges are now always correctly applied after loading settings.  Ring LED brightness is no longer affected by channel mute status. Opening a Song Project from Audio Mode no longer incorrectly opens the last Song Project instead of the selected Song Project. 

MixPre Firmware 7.13

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Fixed MixPre no longer enters a state where there are level discrepancies between channels.  MixPre-3, MixPre-3M, MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6, MixPre-6M, and MixPre-6 II now provide a higher current on USB-A when the unit is powered via USB-C. USB-A provides up to 500 mA. Use a powered hub if your peripherals require more than 500 mA.

MixPre Firmware 7.12

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Fixed MixPre-10T and -10 II no longer change trim levels after a power cycle when the extra channels and Aux inputs are in use. MixPre-10T and -10 II Aux input signal is no longer incorrectly routed to an output when assigned an isolated post-fade channel. MixPre-10T and -10 II timecode no longer resets to BNC […]

MixPre Firmware 7.11

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Change Default isolated track names in Audio projects are now “Ch1”, “Ch2”, “Ch3”, etc. Fixed MixPre no longer becomes unresponsive following Low Cut Filter changes when a channel is off.  Pressing a channel knob no longer incorrectly accesses the Channel screen while in a Music project and connected to a fader control surface with the […]